ILona Hair Showroom for Wholesale Only

Our ILona Hair spacious showroom in Miami, Florida, has recently been remodeled, expanded and is a sight to be seen if you're a registered wholesale customer with our service. Our showroom is capable of displaying our extensive list of over 1000 products, which means that our customers can easily find the wig or extension they have been searching the world for. The sleek new ILona Hair showroom was built with the understanding that different types of hair products deserve care regarding their display — and customers shouldn't have to wander or search for hours to find the products they need. This is why our showroom was created as it allows us to efficiently display our products that have been making waves in the hair extension and wig industry due to the affordable, high-quality products that we continue to offer throughout the world. Our collections are divided and showcased with colored LED lighting so that our customers can easily find the products they are looking for, regardless of their hair type.

Our African-American & European Collection Showcases

Two of our popular collections of wigs and hair extensions have been our African-American and European collections. At our Miami showroom for wholesale customers, these collections have been divided into two different sections lit with colored LED lighting schemes. For example, if you're looking for a product from our African-American collection, it can easily be found in our purple back-lit cases. If you're looking for a product that's part of our European collection, it can easily be found in our green back-lit cases. The colored LED lighting will not interfere with your shopping experience, but it will help you understand which product category you're shopping in.

All of our showcased and categorized collections are tailored to reflect the needs of our important customers. For example:

  • We understand there's more to wigs, hair extensions and related products than mass-producing them in a factory, regardless if they're being sold at a retail store, online store or salon. As an added perk in our showroom, we have our product on models (under its specified colored LED lighting scheme) so customers can see how the product looks when worn on a human head.
  • We understand the importance of building personal and long-term relationships with our customers. Our new showroom allows us to extend our reach when getting involved within the community and reaching out to those in need of our hair products. As we are regularly involved in the fight against cancer and understand the extent of the damage it can have in communities, our showroom allows us to take our generosity to the next level. From helping the patients, themselves to everyone their lives touch, ILona Hair is an active participant in combating this vicious disease as a company from our showcase hub.
  • We understand that customers want a product that meets their needs, and our showroom customer service strives to help them find the products that suit their individual needs. If you are searching for high-quality hair products on a budget, feel free to consult with our ILona Hair experienced customer service staff (located at our sleek and new showroom front desk). They'll help you find the high-quality products you need at wholesale prices for salons, stores and customers (from retail stores of their own). Our experienced service reps will gladly help you determine which of our incredible collections will suit your needs or service. Once our showroom staff helps you find a product today, you'll likely become a regular Ilona Hair customer tomorrow.

As Ilana Hair's number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers, our clean and modern showroom allows us to display our 1000+ high-quality products properly so customers can find the hair extensions and wigs that will meet their unique needs. Even if you get lost when searching for a hair product you require, our expert staff is on hand to guide you through our merchandise and help you find the product that will keep you looking fantastic. So if you're already a wholesale customer who has been registered, approved and set up for an appointment with our company, feel free to visit our Ilona Hair showroom at this location:

ILona Hair Showroom
6942 NW 7th Ave
Miami, FL 33150

If you haven't been registered, approved, or set up for an appointment, feel free to contact the ILona Hair Showroom today so we can get you in touch with a representative and set you up with some of the best hair products in the world.